Monday, April 18, 2011

Generous Sponsors

The Park Hill Garden Walk 2011, one of our great community fund-raising activites in the neighborhood could not be possible without the help of the local businesses sponsoring the gardens and the Walk itself. They provide the funds to be able to make the signs, brochures, posters, etc. that are needed to complete the day. Even with the down economy, we have 14 garden sponsors that have generously contributed $300.00 each. With our advertising budget we are able to at least give them a little something back although small in comparison as a thank you for their support. I would like to mention the 14 garden sponsors here: Architectual Salvage, Anastasia Williamson Realtor, The Hair People, Swingle, City Floral, MayFair Liquors, Russ Wehner Realty, Van Camp Floors, Thunderbird Design Landscaping, The Garden Guy, Nick's Garden Center, B-Design Landscaping, Roberta Locke-Cherry Creek Realty, WildFlowers